New Beginner Class

A+ Abacus Center is pleased to announce two new beginner classes.
These classes will begin in September and schedules as follows:

1. Tuesday, 5:05pm-6:20pm. Instruction begins 9/10/2019
2. Saturday, 1:50pm-3:05pm. Instruction begins 9/14/2019

If you are interested in a new class, please fill out the New Beginner Class Inquiry Form or call (408) 221-0852. Ms. Hsieh will respond to Inquiries and phone calls.

Detailed information about A+ Abacus Center's New Beginner Class:

  1. The tuition is $22 for an hour and fifteen-minute class. Class times will be reduced to one hour and the tuition will be $20 for each class. Students with siblings in A+ Abacus Center will get a $1 discount for each. Also, there is a one-time charge, $20, for all copied materials yearly.

  2. Tuition is to be prepaid every two months. Before each payment is due, an invoice will be sent out by email. Please deduct the amount in advance if you know how many times your child will be absent. If your child unexpectedly misses class, we will offer a makeup class outside their regular class hour. Please contact Ms. Hsieh to schedule a make-up class. For any reason, if your child is unable to make up the class, there will be no refund or carry-over of the tuition.

  3. On the first day of class, all new students need to fill out a registration form. The required materials for class are an abacus and an exercise book. If the student already has an abacus, the student may bring that abacus. If the student does not have an abacus, a new abacus may be purchased during the class. All students are required to purchase an exercise book.

  4. To express interest in a beginner abacus class, please fill out the required Beginner Abacus Class Inquiry Form to enroll and receive updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Hsieh at

New Beginner Class Inquiry Form

Please fill out the inquiry form and you will receive a confirmation email later.

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