My Life with Abacus and Mental Math

by Amy Lu

There are many reasons why people learn Abacus and Mental Math. Plenty of people learn it purely for the reason of getting a better grade in math, so they will have an enhanced future. Other people learn it to improve their memory and brain. Many other children learn it because their parents forced them to learn it. I learned it because I wanted to try it, because there are many benefits, and because it can help me with my school work.

When I first saw someone using the abacus, I was amazed. I thought that it was awesome that a person could use some strange device to calculate hard and imposing numbers. Because I did not know what it was, I thought that it was a magical machine that could automatically get a huge number that was completely accurate. Then, I saw my older brother start learning the abacus, and I wanted to try it too. I started asking my parents to take me to class to start learning how to use an abacus. My parents waited until I was in First Grade to take me to class. I was so happy that I could finally learn how to use the abacus. When my teacher thought that it was time to start learning mental math, I was ready to take on the challenge. I had a class every week, and I always did my homework. Learning how to use the abacus and do mental math affected my way of life at home and at school.

As I grew up, I began to see many benefits to using the abacus and mental math. In school, I got accurate answers to math problems, and my math grade was always very high. Math class was my favorite class because it seemed very easy, and that was because I was learning how to use the abacus and do mental math. The teacher at school was astonished that I could do all of the math without showing work and get the right answer. What my teacher did not know was that I was learning mental math, which really helped me with my math at school. Also, I did not struggle in math. My parents never had to worry about my grades in math, which were good enough to satisfy them. Mental math definitely changed me for the better.

At home, we had to work on school homework. Many of my friends had complained that their homework was too hard and that they needed their parents’ help on their homework. I, however, did not need parental help because mental math helped to sharpen my brain and boosted my math grade. When my friends needed help on their homework, they asked me, and I always helped them. As time went on and my mental math and abacus skills became better, I tested for and achieved higher levels. Each level that I passed marked a period of hard work and the profit after it. Abacus and mental math became a permanent passion in my life.

Many factors contributed to my learning the abacus and mental math. As a little child, I wanted to learn the abacus and mental math because I saw many people doing fascinating math problems. When my older brother started learning, it sparked a longing to learn abacus and mental math too. As I grew older, I started seeing a lot of useful things resulting from learning abacus and mental math. Those included a good grade in math, being helpful to my friends, and requiring no parental help on my homework. Also, doing mental math was good exercise for my brain. In conclusion, learning abacus and mental math were greatly advantageous in my life.

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